Well here is my new website, its taken an age to do but at last its ready although I will be adding things as I go.

Its the end of 2012 and hopefully 2013 will be a better year and with a lot less rain! Got to say fed up with it now I want dry dogs and I want to be able to train them.

Wych is still being trained for running contacts, Aframe looks ace and dog walk has been tweaked slightly and looks better than it did most of this year, want to keep going as love running contacts. Strangeley I think her turns are better than straight lines!

Boo has lots of work ahead of her with her agility and personality!

Kayos, can't wait to test us more and get us ready for the WAO 2013 which I am thrilled to have been chosen to represent England.

See you again next year :)
4/20/2019 11:47:47 pm

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